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Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Our team of experienced professionals will inventory and evaluate your grounds and provide a yearly program custom tailored to your needs. Our crews are trained to provide high quality landscape service, and what separates us is the consistent level of supervision and communication our management team provides to the properties under our care.

We also do landscape construction and enhancement services.

Lawn Maintenance

Caring for the health needs of your lawn is our specialty. With our roots in lawn care, our programs are second to none!

We are one of the few firms that combine liquid and granular applications of balanced custom blended fertilizers to provide a beautiful lush green lawn throughout the year.


Our lawn care programs include:

  • Mowing, edging and line trimming

  • Rough mowing and weed-eating natural areas

  • Custom lawn fertilization program with balanced liquid and granular products

  • Moss and broadleaf weed control

Landscaping lawn maintence worker mowing grass.
Man spraying a lawn as part of landscape maintenance.
Lawn Maintenance
Garden bed maintenance landscaping at an apartment complex.

Garden Bed Maintenance

Garden bed maintenance is a comprehensive term for the entire spectrum of garden bed services.

Our approach to garden bed maintenance is based on following the best practices of preventive maintenance.

By visiting your property at least 40 times per year we are able to consistently service your garden beds, keeping them neat and well groomed.

Combined with our top notch lawn program, this is instrumental in creating a beautiful landscape throughout the year.

Our garden bed maintenance programs include:

  • Ongoing weed and moss control

  • Pruning of trees, plants, and ground covers

  • Leaf removal

  • Fertilization of plants

  • Pre-emergent weed control

  • Annual flower maintenance

Garden Bed Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance

As the season progresses our crews will monitor the system and make seasonal adjustments in watering times to ensure a healthy landscape while doing their best to conserve water.


Our managers and their assistants are also trained to troubleshoot your system for optimal performance.  Should they observe drying conditions to the landscape, they will investigate, make the proper adjustments, or contact you for further repairs.

At the end of the season we will turn off the clocks and blow out the system with compressed air to prevent any freeze damage to the system components over the winter.

Irrigation system maintenance programs include:

  • Activation of sprinklers in spring with complete evaluation and estimate for repairs

  • Seasonal adjustments of watering times

  • Ongoing troubleshooting throughout the year

  • Winterization – including blowing out all zones to prevent freeze damage

Earthworks Landscape Services, Inc. employees building a custom irrigation system.
Irrigation Maintenance
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